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Before / After

Thirty-two screened volunteer subjects agreed to take part in an IRB approved research study.  These volunteer subjects were initially examined to assess the effects of utilizing a combination Procerin Tablets and Procerin XT Serum. The subjects completed base line "before" questionnaires and photos and an overall assessment was made using the Norwood-Hamilton Scale of Male Pattern Baldness.

 The Subjects were then given the Procerin tablets and Procerin XT Serum and told to refrain from taking any other hair growth product during the 90 day period of the study. The subjects followed the program for up to 90 days and 21 were photographed, assessed and questioned again at the completion of the study to determine the user satisfaction of the product.

 After 90 days, the overall level of satisfaction was overwhelming. 19 out of 21 Subjects stated that they were "Very Satisfied" with the results of Procerin.

 To view the results of the Subjects, click on a pictures below to see the progression of their hair growth.

Particpant 1 Particpant 2
Particpant 3 Particpant 4
Particpant 5  
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" Since taking your product, I've noticed an increase in hair at my temples, and I no longer spend time cleaning my hair out of the shower drain! "

Andrew W,
age 26 Vancouver, WA

" Please find enclosed payment for 6 more bottles of Procerin, I have been very pleased with my new hair growth, something I never thought I would see again."

Eric R, age 41
Tempe, AZ

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